Flask of Destruction

You are a dreadful necromancer,  spreading darkness across the human world. After years of infamy, a protective order, the “Cercle Orange”, emerged to defeat you. They charged their best members, three bishops from the high lodges of the biggest castles, to draw power from Light and channel a spell to banish you. 
You decide to raise an army to get rid of the humans and keep your strenghts.

Your health is your money. Create units and send them to destroy human cities, but be carefull, the bishop are constantly consuming your vital forces. You’ll need to put yourself in danger to gather and upgrade your army. Will you manage to kill the bishops ?


Versions :

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Yann Roirand         : Producer / Game Designer 
Fabrizio Santoro    : Developer 
Julien Geiger         : Lead Developer 
Jason Huvet          : GFX / Environment/Animation
Vanessa Vautrin    : GFX / Level Design  
Tom Laporte          : Music Designer / Sound Designer / Game Designer / AD
Guillaume André   : GFX / Character Design / Quality Assurance

How to play:

There are two main screen in the game. the first main screen is the one with the big purple flask at the borrom of it, and the second main screen is the map screen, it’s the one with all the little cities on it.

Flask screen :

On this screen, you can create an army ! On the left, the unit icons. When you click them, you convert the cost of energy on the icons into units that then get built. On the right, te upgrades icons. When you click on them, it will upgrade the stats of your units (at a cost also).

At the center, you can see units that are “in construction” (as well as those getting upgraded), all waiting in the queue.

BEWARE: the energy you spend on creating units is your life too!!! Don’t let it get to 0 or you lose the game!

The map icon at the top left of the screen will take you to the map screen (the ones with all the villages).

Map screen :

Your base is the tower at the bottom of the map. The other cities are there for you to destroy them!

In order to do that, create some units using the flask screen first. Then, click on the tower, you army will be displayed in a pop-up message.

If you want to move them in order to attack a village, click on the button “select” on the pop-up message.

Then, click on a village and click “attack”. BEWARE: if you’re defeated, there is no feedback in the game… sorry

If a village has a flag on it, it means that some of your units are in that village.

You can then click on that flag, select your units and move them in order for them to attack the next village (or regroup with the rest of your army in a different village before attacking, for example).

When you attack a village, you gain some energy!!! And that doesn’t depend on the combat’s outcome.

That should get you started if you’re a bit confused. Enjoy

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